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Theory Course

1. B.TECH. 4th SEM (New Course)

     Course No & Title- PT401, Plastic Technology-I

2. B.TECH. 6th SEM (New Course)

     Course No & Title- PT601, Plastic Technology-III

3. B.TECH. 7th SEM (New Course)

     Course No & Title- PT 702, Polymer Blends & Composites and IPN

4. M.TECH. 1st SEM

     Course No & Title- PTM 105, Advances in Polymer Science & Technology

5. M.TECH. 2nd SEM

     Course No & Title- PTM 203, Polymer Blends & Composites and IPN

Practical Course

1. B.TECH. 3rd SEM (New Course)

     Course No & Title- PP307, Organic Chemistry of polymer


2. B.TECH. 4th SEM (Old Course)

     Course No & Title- PST-B411, Natural & Semi Synthetic Resin 

3. B.TECH. 4th SEM (New Course)

     Course No & Title- PP-406 and 407, Natural, Semi & Synthetic Resin 

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